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Silk Wall Plaster

Available in different textures

Textile Fibers- Glitter Effect- Small Stones


Instead of sending you an already made color sample, we can send you the original material of the selected collection and color so that you can create your own sample yourself.
Now you can see what the product looks like, touch it, and apply it yourself to realize how easy it is.
You can find application instructions and videos on our website.
1. We open the original bag with the material of your chosen color
2. We take a small quantity of this product and send it to you.
3. Once you get it, you can see what the product looks like.
4. Add a small amount of water to the product and mix thoroughly to obtain a uniform mass.
5. Remove the soaked mixture from the bag.
6. It should be a dense mixture.
7. Apply the mixture on the wall,using plastic trowel.
8. You can apply the material of any thickness, but it is preferable to apply it in 1-2 mm.
9. Wait until the product has dried and you will see its original color on the wall.
10. Easy removal: Spray water on the material until it is wet, then remove it with plastic trowel.
11. SILK PLASTER material does not leave any marks on the wall.
 One of the advantages of this product is that you can draw on top of it (but very carefully) or apply the same product on it, but with a different color.
You will be able to compare the colors and different textures of the material and choose exactly what you like most.
You can order either a sample of a colour that you like or a whole set e.g. "NORD".
We make samples depending on size that you require or you can choose one of already pre-made samples.


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