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Silk Wall Plaster

Available in different textures

Textile Fibers- Glitter Effect- Small Stones



VERSAILLES: EXQUISITE COLLECTION FOR INTERIOR DECORATION. High-quality collection of decorative silk plaster: rich color palette, unique texture and luxury of Baroque style.

VICTORIA DU MONDE was born as a trademark in 2013, created by a group of French designers and architects. Thanks to their skill, knowledge and significant experience in the construction of residential buildings and office projects, they managed to combine the concept of "Luxury and Style" with a new technological product - silk plaster, high-quality decorative coating for the European market.

The decorative coating of the VERSAILLES collection 'was created by designers for designers. Interior solutions made using the material of this collection are comparable to works of art!

Versailles I is pure radoance of preciousmetal on your walls. It has 10 silver and 10 gold colours for the realization of your ideasand.

Exclusive product only comes under the order and delivery will take between 5 up to 30 days because it will be coming straight from the factory. 


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